This retrograde in Pisces is really tough. Am I the only one who feels like my emotions are a total wreck? Of course retrograde is for revisiting the past. Emotions, people, situations just an overall purge in life. We all need it right! No growth without unloading the things and people that feel like dead weight. Its totally normal to feel a bit of insecurity during retrogrades which is why I take to diving fully into creative looks/projects these days. My outfits are typically inspired by interior designs or artwork I stumble across and just ooze over the color palettes. Being a creative is refreshing & so calming for me… sooo I decided to get cute over the weekend after laying around binge watching Planet Earth (which is another obsession in its self). Only after I was inspired scrolling through Instagram. I came across the first image posted by @the.still.life_official beautiful Terra Cotta Tile & the second image posted by @claudehome who has an Instagram account I totally adore. After being inspired I put this little outfit together. Details below! :)

Remember to take it easy on yourself around this time and make sure to deliberately enjoy each day as they come…XoXo

Peace & Love -Ronnie

Coffee Two Piece Skirt Set - J Lux Label

Jacket - Pretty Little Thing

Crochet Bag - Zara